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ShotByGunn Productions

Photo Gallery

Mazing Grace Mazing Grace I'm drawn to the place the ocean slides and 194209523 where well worn rocks gather to talk and 194209639 even form a queue. 194209636 But it was way bigger than that. 194209524 There was rhyme and reason with curves and 194209525 straight lines, calling me to enter. 194209638 Others, perhaps, thoughtless others, had been here before me. 194209527 And at the center was a beacon, a focal point. 194209642 There were forced turns and sharp angles and 194209528 smooth stones that seemed to rise above others. 194209640 I didn't really have the Big Picture, but 194209644 I could tell I was getting closer. 194209643 I could look back and see how I got here and was grateful for my trusted vehicle, protection, and water source. 194209637 In the center was 194209529 a collection of artifacts that had meaning. A few weeks before there had been a tragedy. 194209530 Love was remembered and honored. 194209531 I looked up at this moment, then 194209641 back down to find my path out was blocked. Again I turned and walked between the lines, 194209535 noticing that other creatures were also on a journey. 194209532 And beyond the gently guiding trails was an institution of sorts, home to 194209645 the green growth that crawled in and over the markers. 194209533 Looking back to the center, I had a hard time remembering exactly what I'd seen or where I'd been. I had only stayed there for a few moments. 194209534 At the exit, as I guess was to be expected, maybe, I suppose, I saw that all this had a name, a dedication, a point. Would my walk have been different if I'd seen the signage first? 194209526